Doesn't it suck to be in situations like the one you're in? With the person who dedicated that song to you and now you don't speak but he talks bad about you :/ it really sucks

It doesn’t bother me anymore, honestly. What saddens me is that we can’t be friends after what went on between us. We’re both adults, know what I mean? And not even just that, but, I know things about his life that I still worry about. I still worry if he’s doing okay and if everything is good just with situations he’s had in the past. I get why he doesn’t talk to me anymore, and I have a lot of fault. I hurt him. And I take full responsibility for my actions and the way I was about things. I just hope he’s happy and stuff, and I guess if him talking bad about me is his way of being then by all means man. I can’t stop him. You feel me anon? Shit happens, life goes on!! :)


Brenton Wood - I Like the Way You Love Me

This song was dedicated to me on the Art Laboe Connection and it saddens me to know that I don’t talk to the dude anymore. Even worse that I’ve been talked bad about. But it’s a memory that I still really enjoy!

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